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WASHINGTON, DC – It’s time to unite past, present and future. Inter are of course thinking about what will happen tomorrow, in their match against Real Madrid in Berkeley. And, looking slightly further ahead, in their other matches against Manchester United and Roma, on 29 July and 2 August in Washington, DC and Philadephia respectively. But this year Inter also want to use their US tour to do something more than that, to reaffirm the club’s founding principles, today, and project them forward into the future.

Look back for a moment to 1908 and that March day when Inter was born at the Orologio restaurant in Milan. You have a clear image of the club’s founding fathers, right? A group of men who refused to accept discrimination and declared themselves “brothers of the world”. Through its difference, the club asserted values. And over time it established itself, in Milan, Europe and the world. Creating a legend. A group of men and women who are different. And united. Brothers and sisters beneath a black and blue sky.

FC Internazionale wants a future without discrimination of any form. And that’s why we are asking fans to join the club and the players in saying no to discrimination, like in the photo you see below.

It’s no coincidence the Nerazzurri have chosen their US tour and Washington, DC to launch this message. It’s no coincidence that the White House is the background for our “Say no to discrimination, together for equal rights” photo shoot. This is where, exactly 50 years ago, the Civil Rights Act was passed, outlawing discrimination and racial segregation in the USA.

Inter want to spread a clear, unmistakeable message with everyone’s help. Because the fight against discrimination is a flag that should be flown by everyone.

#SayNoToDiscrimination is the hashtag for this initiative. Wherever you are in the world, you can take a selfie, just like captain Ranocchia, Juan Jesus, Icardi, Vidic and Mazzarri have done, and join us in taking a stand, on and off the pitch, for the past, the present and the future.

Because we want a future in which race, religion, gender and sexual orientation do not matter. A future in which we really are brothers of the world.