M’Vila: “We can restart by beating Napoli”

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APPIANO GENTILE – Yann M’Vila, one of Inter’s newer faces, was interviewed today by Sky Sport Italia. For him it was a chance to discuss himself and Inter, and to speak about his first few months in the blue and black.

Thohir said the team has some self-reflection to do. Have you all received this message? 
“Yes, we certainly got the president’s message. The mental approach is something we have to work out between us, within the team. Most of all we have to think about how it depends on us, and that we can’t lose two matches in a row. Next we’ll play against Napoli at home and we absolutely have to win; for ourselves, for our morale, and to stay on course this season.”

What are the main qualities you feel you can give to the team? 
“I can win the ball and immediately move it forward – I don’t like playing it backwards. I always like to look forward. When I have the ball my first thought is to contribute to the attack. Long passes to the forwards aren’t a part of my game because I tend to seek out the midfielder in front of me or my team-mates on the flank. I have to improve my assist ability and my ability to help the forwards to create chances.”

How much do you need to get back to your level from four years ago? 
“I’m nearly there. I think I’m on the right path. I’m still not at 100%, but I’m on the right path. By playing and getting back that match sharpness I’m sure I can get back to that level, and I actually feel I can surpass my form from four years ago.”

Had you expected this much pressure, also on the part of the media? 
“I don’t feel any pressure and I’m not worried. The media can say what they want. When you do well they praise you, and if you play badly they rip you apart and you can end up feeling alone at the bottom. That’s why I don’t pay attention to the media, whether they say something about me or they expect something from me. What matters to me is what the coach says. He’s the only one that can judge my work. If he’s satisfied and the media isn’t then that’s fine. What counts is the coach’s opinion.”

And is the coach satisfied? 
“I don’t know. You’d have to ask him [laughing].”

Could Inter v Napoli already spell the end for the Nerazzurri’s season? 
“That depends on us, since we’ve already lost two consecutive matches and we can’t lose the third. It’s up to us not to get left behind, and I hope the coach finds the right words to give us the desire and charge we need to win this game. We simply have to win. We absolutely have to win and give our all for the fans, the coach, the club and everyone that works for us. We have to give everything we can, and if we win we can restart things and aim high.”