Medel: “I want to show what I can do at Inter”


APPIANO GENTILE – Gary Medel, Inter’s new Chilean midfielder, met the media today at the Centro Sportivo Angelo Moratti. Here’s what he had to say:

You are the fourth Chilean to sign for Inter after Jimenez, Pizarro and Zamorano. Have you had a chance to speak to them?
“I’m very happy to play for Inter. I’ve not spoken to anyone but Mauricio Pinilla has always told me Inter are a massive club that have always won trophies.”

You had a great World Cup playing at the back, but what’s your preferred position?
“Yes, we had a great World Cup but that was down to my team-mates. I prefer to play central midfield but I’ll play wherever I’m picked.”

It was a protracted deal but you’re finally here. What sort of reception did you get? What do you think about Sampaoli staying on as Chile head coach?
“I’m very happy to be at this big club and I’d like to thank them for the efforts they made to bring me here. My team-mates gave me a warm welcome. I think we’ll continue to do well with Sampaoli, just as we have up till now.”

Was there interest in you from other Italian sides or clubs in Europe? Are you ready to play at Torino?
“Yes, I had other offers but I only wanted to join Inter. I’m here at last. Physically I feel great, I’ve been training with the squad since the day before yesterday and I’m ready to play.”

A lot of people have likened you to Gattuso due to your physical style of play. Is that a fair assessment? Can this help you ahead of the next Copa America in Chile?
“Yes, I’ve heard people compare me to Gattuso but I’m Gary Medel and I want to show what I can do, perform well at Inter and win a lot of trophies. The Copa America is not till next year, we’ve got time before that.”

When did Inter first approach you? You’ve been described as someone who the fans love because you put everything on the line when you play football…
“I didn’t hear about their interest until after the World Cup, as I’d asked my agent not to talk to me about interest during the tournament. I hope to play my part here and achieve great things.”

Have you already spoken to Mazzarri about your position? Can we put Inter fans’ minds at ease after pictures emerged of you wearing a Juve cap?
“Yes, I’ve talked to the coach but what was said will remain between us. A few years back I was in the airport and a friend gave me the cap, there were a lot of people around and I didn’t look at what was written on it.”

Which Inter player, past or present, do you most look up to? What specifically about Inter does a Pitbull like you guard?
“I think Javier Zanetti has always been the benchmark for me and all of South America. They gave me that nickname years ago, the most important thing is to defend the team. The team is what wins trophies.”

Have you always played like you did in the World Cup or was that the best spell of your career?
“Those who know me will tell you I’ve always played the same way. I’ve been a starter in the national team for eight years and I always give 100% on the pitch.”

Are you willing to promise the Inter fans anything?
“No, I just want to thank them for their warm welcome, I hope they keep behind us as they are the 12th man.”

What are you expecting from Serie A? Have you spoken to Arturo Vidal and do you know whether he’s staying at Juventus?

“I’ll talk about Inter, not other sides. It’s a great league, just like La Liga and the Premier League, I hope to do better than last season.”

You’ve joined to replace a legend in the shape of Cambiasso. However, theoretically you and M’Vila play the same position. Can you two play together?
“I’ve not come here to replace anyone, I’m here to show what I can do. M’Vila is a great player and it’s nice to have him in our squad. Competition for places is good for the team and our style of play.”