Mazzarri: “We need to improve our mentality”

PARMA – Walter Mazzarri naturally wasn’t satisfied after the defeat against Parma, which highlighted Inter’s difficulty in finding the sort of consistency needed to move up to the next level.

“Obviously everything looks bad when you lose 2-0. We got punished on the first cross by an aggressive Parma side that closed down all the spaces and made it hard to play.

“We weren’t tidy today and changing formation didn’t help us either in that respect, but we still created a few chances. If there’s one thing I can say it’s that we’re never able to make that definitive step up to the next level. That’s what we want to be aiming for.”

Is fatigue an issue? “It was our fifth game in a row and, yes, there was some tiredness out there but we can do better, as we did against Napoli, Cesena and Sampdoria. That first chance changed the result and it knocked our confidence too. We need to improve our mentality.”

Is Palacio a worry? “He’s a bit further behind the rest having come back with his ankle messed up and he’s still not in great shape now. Hernanes isn’t great either and I forced things a bit with him today. We’re in the midst of an injury crisis and we weren’t capable of maintaining the same level as in the three previous games.”

What needs to change? “If we want to go back to challenging at the top we need to improve mentally.”

Would you do anything differently with hindsight? “In all honesty I think that in our current situation, with a team that did as well as it did against Sampdoria, all you can do is stick with the same side. I honestly didn’t have any alternatives.

“Bonazzoli and Camara also got a runout today and they’re two youngsters who could come in handy in the future.”