Mazzarri: “We�ll need a perfect game against Udinese”

APPIANO GENTILE – On the day before the match against Udinese, Walter Mazzarri gave an exclusive interview to Inter Channel.
Looking at some statistics, we’ve found that you’re in first place in one category and last in another. The first is for the most times hitting the woodwork, while the second is for penalties in your favour.
"Joking aside, the amount of times we’ve hit the woodwork shows the team is playing well, however. For the sake of argument, as a coach I see it as something positive to be hitting the woodwork so much because it means we’re coming close to scoring. And clearly it’s indicative that we have to work very hard to get results. Despite playing well and creating a lot, perhaps we’re hitting the post so much when, with a few inches more to the inside, we’d have a goal. So all of this would then translate to points. As far as the other stat, I’ve said I’m not going to discuss it anymore."
President Thohir clearly stressed once again that he’s very happy with you and that you’re making plans together.
"I’ve always said there’s a great relationship and open dialogue between us. And today I also believe I stressed to him that finishing this season and these nine games well will help us to plan the next season even better. That’s why I insist on not getting distracted from the present, because this moment right now can give us a lot of strength to build an even better Inter for the next campaign."
Udinese don’t consist of Di Natale alone, true?
"No, and I have to repeat here that Udinese are a fantastic side. A team that plays in a certain way when they’re away from home. All their players have a lot of pace and are very quick. They defend well and exploit space by hitting you on the break. So we’ll have to play the perfect game without giving anything away. We need to beware of the counterattack and attack them wisely. We’ll also need to be a bit more alert and have more luck with our final decision and in front of goal."