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KIEV – Zravko Kuzmanovic was certainly at a centre of a lot of the action during this evening’s victory over Dnipro. “It was an important match and I’m happy that we managed to get the win. It was essential that we started the group stages with three points,” the Serbian midfielder said after the match.

Kuzmanovic agreed that it was a physical match, with several unforgiving clashes in the centre of the park: “That’s right. I took several knocks over the course of the game but that’s football. This time it was my turn to get some rough treatment, but it happens to everyone.”

Inter’s most dangerous chance in the first half came from one of the Serb’s own forays forward. “It was a great cross and a shame that I couldn’t finish it. Maybe my connection wasn’t as clean as it could’ve been. The most important thing is to get forward at the right time, and in that instance I managed it,” he explained.

Kuzmanovic is a very handy member of the Inter squad, due to his proven tactical versatility.  “I’ve played a lot of matches in the Europa League and I’ve often played further forward, like I did tonight. It’s a position I’m familiar with and a competition I know well – I’m convinced that the team can go far,” concluded the midfielder.