Jonathan: “We’ll get past this with hard work”

GENOA – "I’m really sorry about this
result here in Genoa. In my opinion their keeper was both good and lucky on my
1st-half chance, but we’re playing well and they didn’t have many opportunities to
score against us. Although perhaps I could have done better by putting my body
in front of the defender who was coming in. That way I could have had better
balance. But that’s not enough; we have to give even more to win these games,"
stated Jonathan as he spoke to Inter Channel after the Nerazzurri’s afternoon
match in Genoa.

He continued: "I was man-marked? It also
happened against Lazio, and then today as well. I think it’s going to happen a
lot, since our opponents know we have quality on the flanks and can make
overlapping runs. We can’t let up with the kind of good play we showed today.
But it’s a shame the ball didn’t want to go in. We have to continue working
hard, and we know this moment will pass and we’ll come thorough it. We have to
stick the ball in the net in our upcoming matches.

"How angry am I on a scale from one to
ten? Ten. We did well today, but it wasn’t enough. Perhaps we need to train
more on our finishing. We have to get past this though, because Inter can’t
continue this way. Antonelli got away from me on the goal? I was with him, then
lost him because he kept going to the near post. In that moment he got away
from me and it cost me.

"The right path to take is to continue
working as we’re doing. Actually, we need to work even more. But apart from the
goal I believe I played well. You really can’t believe how angry I am about
this result, " concluded the Brazilian.