Inter Campus Romania, aiming for integration

RAMNICU VALCEA – Inter Campus returned to Romania, to Ramnicu Valcea, where a project has been underway since the year 2000 aimed at the integration and social inclusion of orphaned and abandoned children. The project is being carried out in collaboration with the Inima Pentru Inima Foundation (meaning “Heart for Heart”). 

During the visit, integration was promoted not only among children, but also among the adults. In fact, for the first time ever it was possible to assemble the entire group of instructors from different Inter Campus centres from across Romania. 

Over 20 instructors participated in the four-day course, led by coaches Roberto Picardi and Paola Balconi. The coaches came from Bucharest, Slatina and Macin, and they were of course joined by the coaches from Ramnicu Valcea. Covering long distances in this country is never simple, but many participants travelled hundreds of miles over a motorway system that is anything but modern in order to participate in the course. And there were even those who made it by way of a 12-hour coach trip. 

Shared moments like these are extremely useful when it comes to aiding coaching and teaching skills for the entire group, as well as assisting in the exchange of ideas and experiences, which strengthen ties on and off the pitch.

The constant and intense work from the project’s three partners help make the Inter Campus Romania project so special and effective, in an environment in which nearly 700 children take part: the Inima Pentru Inima Foundation, which dedicates itself to the reintegration of orphaned and abandoned children; the non-profit organisation Comunità Nuova, which, thanks to the help of Pirelli, focuses on the integration of Roma children and other children receiving social assistance; and the Parada Foundation, which dedicates itself to the integration of street children in Bucharest.