Inter Campus in Bolivia for the children of Ticti-Norte

COCHABAMBA – Victor is one of the coaches and instructors at Inter Campus
Bolivia. Along with Tomas, he’s one of the reference points for the activities
at the Casari Foundation’s Recreation Centre. Both endured a difficult
childhood and were taken in by Veronica and Massimo Casari, who offered them a second chance in life. Either out of some kind of irony or perhaps a higher design, it was a
 chance for redemption with a job dedicated to children, with the
intention of making their lives the most healthy and carefree possible. This entails
not only sporting activity and games on the pitch, but also dedication to the basic
rules of hygiene, afterschool activities and learning.

Victor explained the controversial law that forces children to follow
their fathers to prison, in order to allow mothers to dedicate themselves to
supporting the family. The law is motivated by the belief that, for children,
jail can be a safer alternative to life on the streets; a consequence of the
absence of parents. But quite often it is a solution that unwittingly turns the
lives of youngsters into a nightmare.

Therefore, the Casari Foundation and Inter Channel’s commitment
continues to grow, with the precious support of Sister Maria Angel, to support
70 children who are able to leave the San Sebastian penitentiary every Saturday
in order to spend the day at the Recreation Centre and enjoy games, snacks,
football and other activities.

The prison psychologist emphasised the usefulness of this initiative by
recounting how excited and anxious the children are when they wake up at dawn
every Saturday. Furthermore, the relationships among them have improved as
their levels of aggression and depression have declined, as described in a
letter of thanks from the prison’s directors and children’s representatives.

It all made for warm memories for our own Aldo Montinaro, Gabriele
Raspelli and Paola Balconi as they concluded the week in Cochabamba with their
young guests from the San Sebastian penitentiary and children of the Ticti-Norte
area. Now they are all devoted and enthusiastic participants of the Inter
Campus programme.