Hernanes: “No regrets; bright future ahead”

MILAN Hernanes spoke at a press conference today held at the Expo Gate. He began by talking about the Expo itself, which will take place in the city of Milan in 2015: “It’s a great moment in my career and in my life to be in Milan when this event is taking place. It’s an honour and a source of pride to be at such a prestigious club as Inter and to be in Milan at the same time as the Expo 2015.”

The subject of conversation soon turned to football: “We put in a good performance against Napoli and showed promising signs. Then, the win away at Cesena showed that we’ve found the right path. We’re all pleased and feel confident for the future. The most important thing about that match was to win and get the three points – we don’t need to think about the rest.”

Hernanes also spoke about president Erick Thohir, who has once more demonstrated his faith in the team. “Perhaps there aren’t many Inter fans in the press; they always seem to try and cause problems for us. The reality is that the president has shown his faith in us – in the coach and the team,” explained the Brazilian.

There was also a word on his fitness: “I’ve got myself in great physical shape and that allows me to do what I want on the pitch.”

Hernanes took the opportunity to invite all Nerazzurri fans to have faith in the group; a group the Brazilian believes will achieve great success in the future. “The team has only been together for three months; it will take a bit of time but we are growing as a group. I think we’ve played well and I can’t see any big problems.

“The fans must be patient; it’s been a delicate time for the club. A lot has changed. Let’s not regret the past; we can build a successful future. We need to support the team whilst it’s finding its feet.

“The fans must believe in us, have faith and make an effort. We’re doing all we can to take Inter to the very top. We’ve shown that we could take control of a difficult situation and come through it,” explained Hernanes.

The Nerazzurri’s Brazilian midfielder concluded with a word or two on tomorrow’s opponents at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza: “Sampdoria have started very well – we know they’ll be a tough team to face, but we’re at home and we’ll do everything we can to get the result. Tomorrow will be an important match; we must make the most of the opportunity to take a step in the right direction.”