Hernanes: “Let’s focus on Thursday”

APPIANO GENTILE – The “Prophet” spoke. And his words were filled with calm, wisdom and depth, which is also how one could describe his playing style. The Nerazzurri midfielder began with the Parma match, although he now has his thoughts on the future with Thursday’s clash against Saint-Etienne. “After the Parma game you could definitely see a bit of disappointment in our eyes,” Hernanes began.

“We were coming off of a winning run, but it doesn’t mean we’re packing it in. Now we have to start thinking about Thursday and hope with all our hearts we don’t have any more games like that one. The fans don’t deserve it and neither do we. We’re putting in maximum effort in order to have a good season. We’re trying the best we can to make this team a strong one, and we won’t stop until we’ve reached our objective.”  

His final thoughts were the lofty ones of his Nerazzurri dream:  “We’re trying to create a future of glory and victories. That’s my dream and my objective. And I’m sure, by working hard, we’ll get there.”