Guarin: “I’ll thank the fans on the pitch for their support”

APPIANO GENTILE – Fredy Guarin has put it all behind him and is now only focused on his life as an Inter player. In an exclusive interview with Sky Sport 24‘s Andrea Paventi, the Colombian midfielder spoke about all this and more.

A new adventure with Inter after the closing of the January transfer market: “After the transfer market closed I went back to focusing on what I always have, which is doing my best for Inter, being a professional and working hard. This is what I can guarantee. I�m calm. I always work hard and give my all. That experience helped me to learn a lot as a man, both on and off the pitch. I got to know a lot of people and I was lucky to have been able to go through that experience. It will help me in the future. Now I�m happy and relaxed.”

Almost a push to prove something extra to himself and the general public: “I think I’ve had to work harder after what happened because the fans expected even more from me and I also thought I had to give a bit extra. I want to improve, get the team winning, give everything for Inter, for the supporters who have always believed in me and who did everything they could for me to stay and I owe them a response. I’m doing that bit by bit.”

What about his relationship with the fans, after the gesture in the game at Fiorentina and the reception he got before the match? “Players always need the fans’ backing and the player needs to respond to that. The only place I can respond to them is on the pitch with Inter. I really, really appreciate their support.”

The Colombian then discussed his and Inter’s current form: “Thankfully we won two games, I think from my own perspective it’s been positive and I expect to win as a team. I’ve not scored in a while? Yes, of course I like scoring goals and I want to, but if I can give the ball to a team-mate to score a big goal and the team wins, I’d rather play a pass. How much has Hernanes strengthened the midfield in terms of his character? He all know he’s a great player and person, it’s important for us to have big names like Hernanes, that way we have the mental strength as a team that we need. We’re performing well on the pitch, and thinking about improving with every game we play.”

President Thohir has spoken about referees in his recent interviews, which calls to mind the last time Inter won a penalty on 8 May, for a foul on Guarin: “It’s been a very long time, plus the video footage is there for all to see, but as a player it’s not up to me to get involved in these matters, that’s down to the club.”

What did he and Erick Thohir say to one another before the close of the transfer window? “All of what the president said came right from the heart, on the family and Inter, the only reason that mattered here, more than any other. He knew what sort of player I was. Did we talk about a new deal? Yes, we did. We’ve been talking about it for a year now and I think it will get sorted soon.”

There are some big months ahead with the World Cup on the horizon. What does Guarin need over the next few months to become a leader? “Time will tell, the only thing I ask is what the fans and my team-mates are giving me, their backing and support. My team-mates know me and they know what I can offer the team.”

Fredy, like Walter Mazzarri, wants to see his full potential reached: “Obviously I can always improve, the coach knows what I can do, he’s helped me an awful lot and I’m relaxed because I know I can always give more.”

He’s also got an eye on the Roma game: “Playing well for us means doing it every week. Roma are a brilliant team, who are doing very well this season, but we have just one aim in mind: win every match. We didn’t manage that against Cagliari, but we won the previous two by playing good football and showing determination, which is what Mazzarri wants.”

Guarin may be explosive on the pitch, but he’s a shy figure off it. Nevertheless he’s got something he’d like to say to the fans: “Yes, I’ve got a lot to say, but the only place to do it is on the pitch. Now I’ll take this opportunity in front of your cameras to say thank you to everyone that has supported me until now and at a time when I was about to make a decision which went against what I was feeling. But I’m here now and I’m beginning to start thinking about being an Inter player again. I’d like to thank everyone who has believed in me and what I can do on the field. Would I have to think about it if Thohir offered me a contract with Inter for the rest of my career. No, I wouldn’t think about it for one moment.”