D’Ambrosio: “Europa League? We want to play a major role”

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PINZOLO – After training, Danilo D’Ambrosio was interviewed by Inter Channel’s Nagaja Beccalossi. 

This is what the Nerazzurri full-back had to say: 

The first week of pre-season training camp has ended. Does it also feel like something of a countdown with all the hard work? 
“The countdown began on on the first day [laughing]. We’re done for today and it was a pretty exhausting workout. Tomorrow we’ll have our first fitness test and we hope it all goes well.” 

When you arrived at Inter the season was already underway. How important is it for a player to start working with a coach on the first day of preparation? 
“Last season I actually showed up in February. It’s very important. Also because we all know that flank players have a special job in Mazzarri’s system. This season I’m beginning with the rest of the team and I hope the results are obvious straight away.”
Regarding flank players, Dodo is now with the team. The competition is growing. Does that make for even more motivation when it comes to earning your spot? 
“No question. We’re part of a big team and it’s normal to have two players for each role. Competition makes things more difficult, but it also provides more motivation.” 
M’Vila has also arrived. What kind of impression has he made on you? 
“He played in a training game with us. He’s maybe a bit heavy at the moment but it’s clear he’s a great player.” 
What are your expectations from a personal standpoint this season, beyond the team’s objectives?  
“Personally my goal is to improve on a daily basis. And as a group we’re all hoping to have a great season.”
How much are you motivated by the Europa League? 
“I’ve never played in the Europa League before so I’m really motivated for it. We’re looking to play a major role in the competition. Not just a bit part.” 
You’re someone who spends a lot of time with the fans, even once the training is done. Can you tell us how it feels to be so close to the Nerazzurri supporters? 
“I honestly didn’t expect to be so warmly received by the fans. At the same time it’s a source of pride and it represents a responsibility since we know they’re expecting a lot from us.”