Campagnaro: “We became charged up again after the Juventus game”

APPIANO GENTILE – The real Hugo Campagnaro is on his way back. It was the Argentine defender himself to make this statement in an exclusive interview with Sky Sport Italia: "I’m feeling good. I had some problems with tendonitis but it’s already behind me. On Sunday, after I had been out of action for a while, I had a bit of cramps. Beyond the injuries I’ve had, I’ve tried to do my best. I had started the pre-season well in Pinzolo, but then a few injuries affected my performances. But now I’m doing well and trying to give my all. Why have I suffered all these injuries? I believe it’s just a coincidence. Anyway, now they’re behind me and I’d like to get back to the level I was at before." 
He then spoke about Inter’s current period: "Things are going well. We’ve been earning points, even away from home. Our morale is going up, which is a good thing." And if he had to identify the exact moment the turning point came: "I think it was after Juventus. The entire group made a change that week, and we started to feel charged up again."
Is third place a possibility? The defender explained: "It’s mathematically possible, but we know there are teams that have shown something more and are ahead of us. We’ll do our best, but we’re not going to talk about objectives."
After having spent so many seasons working for Walter Mazzarri, Campagnaro is able to say whether or not the coach’s training methods have changed over the years: "Compared to previous years, no. He’s always conducted things more or less this way, and given that he’s seen results he’ll try to continue doing the same."
On Saturday Inter will take on Hellas Verona, which means he’ll be facing Juan Iturbe. How is it possible to stop him? "You certainly can’t give him any space. We know how fast he is, and when he has space to exploit he can be dangerous and a difference maker. I believe he could play for a big team. Perhaps he’s not fully matured and still has some progress to make, but he has fantastic quality."
Nemanja Vidic will arrive in June; another sign of president Thohir’s ambition: "It motivates you even more to see that the directors want to improve the team. I like that. Vidic is an excellent defender. He’s played at a high level for a long time, and if he comes here he’ll contribute a lot."
And finally the discussion turned to dreams, such as the one Campagnaro has regarding the World Cup in a few months: "That’s pretty obvious when you have such an important tournament kicking off so soon. But now all I’m thinking about is Inter, since nothing else matters if I don’t do well here. I can’t bother thinking about the rest."