Campagnaro: “Nothing’s going right”

GENOA – "We’re a bit sad because nothing’s
been going right for us lately. We definitely need to do better. We created a
lot – more than our opponents – which is already something. For some reason,
the pitch and a bit of bad luck, we didn’t manage to claim the three points."
These were the opening statements from Hugo Campagnaro as he spoke to Inter
Channel right after this afternoon’s game against Genoa.

"Did the conditions work against Inter,
since we tried to play assertively? Definitely. In the first half they also had
some attacks they couldn’t finish off because the playing surface was in such
poor shape. Then the same thing happened to us in the second half. Actually, it
happened more to us. And then they scored from a corner kick; a play in which
the ball didn’t have to touch the ground. We also have to improve in this area.
The protests for the handball in the box? Yes, you protest when you see a
penalty infraction because you try to get the referee to whistle it. You do it
because you want to win the game, and sometimes that’s how you do it. Anyway,
right now they’re not awarding us any penalties. Oh well, they’ll come in the
future," stated the defender.

"What is being said in the dressing room
right now? We’re relaxed, even if the results aren’t coming. It’s a moment in
which nothing’s going right, but it’s a calm atmosphere. We all know we need to
improve, and we have to do it this week. What can provide the turnaround? In
times like these a big win can give us the push we need to get back on track.
Now the games are tough for everyone, not just for Inter. Especially since we’re
going through a bit of a bad spell. A victory could be the key to turning
things around," he concluded.