Campagnaro: “Juventus are very strong at home but we’ll give everything”

APPIANO GENTILE – “I like it here at Inter, then when Mazzarri came in from Napoli I said to myself, ‘Good, that’s one less thing to worry about’. Now we’re going through a tough time of things, but once you’re settled, you do everything you can to get through this tricky spell.” Hugo Campagnaro continued his account of his time with the Nerazzurri on tonight’s episode of InterNos, Inter Channel’s weekly programme on the team’s stars.

Here’s what the defender had to say about the differences of being a footballer in Naples and in Milan, at Inter: “The main difference is that you see fans outside the stadium and when you walk around the city. The supporters in Naples are more passionate. Both sets of supporters give their all when the matches are on, but obviously the fans at Napoli had a different state of mind because we had a great season. Clearly things aren’t going well at Inter at the moment and the fans aren’t happy. Who’s helped the most since I’ve been here? When I joined, I came into an environment I already knew. Obviously I needed help when I first joined Piacenza and I didn’t speak Italian.” And what about his relationship with the fans? “I don’t go out much at all, I spend a lot of time at home with my family. I enjoy being a dad.”

Finally the Argentine discussed the upcoming match against Juventus: “They’ve won all 10 of the home games they’ve played, Juventus always do well on their own patch and score a lot of goals. We need to go there without fear, give 100% and then see where we are after 90 minutes. They were already a great team last season and they’ve improved this year. How will we approach the game? It might be a bit silly to go there and try to attack Juventus from the off, but we have our own style and we try to put that in action everywhere we go. We’ll do it against Juventus but we’d have done it anyway even if it had been Chievo.”

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