Ausilio: “We’ll do everything we can to get back to the top”

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APPIANO GENTILE – Piero Ausilio spoke to Sky Sport Italia earlier after he signed a contract extension at Inter: “The new deal came after a long period spent working together. I’m very happy and proud that the president took a positive view of my work. We always aim to work hard and do things properly. That’s the only way to find peace of mind: through hard work. The whole team wants to do its best and make Inter even better.”

He was asked his thoughts on Mazzarri: “I think the coach feels he made a significant contribution in planning how we’re going to build this team. The financial parameters set by the club were respected.”

On Inter’s season so far and the Nerazzurri’s aims: “We’re not looking at what anyone else is doing. Every side in Serie A has what it takes and they are all competitive. We have lots of games coming up and we have to compete on several fronts. We want to be competitive and take things one game at a time. We’ll do everything we can to take Inter to the top.”

Finally a word on transfers: “Everyone is involved in the work behind the scenes when you sign a player. There’s a whole structure in place, with regards to scouting and an excellent youth academy. Every deal is difficult. I’m really happy with all the players we managed to bring in. We’ll have some nice surprises for the near future here at Inter.”