Ausilio: “A team like Inter must react immediately”

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MILAN – After the match against Cagliari, Piero Ausilio spoke to Mediaset Premium: “If there were a single explanation for it then we probably wouldn’t be here discussing the game. The coach explained things to me. I believe a team that wants to become great can’t let in the kind of goals we let in. When you concede four goals like that it shows you lack the mental edge, in addition to the physical one.

“Certain circumstances in the game were very peculiar. It’s also true that, had we played the entire match with 11 men, things might have gone differently. The president feels sorry for it, as we all do. There’s no one that doesn’t feel that way. When he came into the dressing room he tried to give a positive message. It’s a signal from a president that expects an immediate reaction, as early as this Thursday in the Europa League. A team that has big aspirations like Inter has must react right away. The Cagliari result is already behind us.

“The system of play? Regarding the physical aspect, I think the coach already touched on the subject and didn’t try to hide. He said he could have made a few more changes by the fourth match. Tactically speaking, I can say that we’ve always done very well. We didn’t let in goals today because we were out of sorts on the pitch. We let in goals because of individual incidents that have little to do with tactics, and because of a series of scrambles in which the ball always fell to them first. Regarding tactics, I think there’s really very little to discuss. I should also mention a bit of nastiness, which you need when the opponent always gets there first. I believe that’s what we’ll be looking at most of all. 

“Fewer points compared to last year? Every season has its own story. We know going to Florence and playing at home against Napoli won’t be easy. A three or four-man defence? We won’t find the main problem in our defensive system. Up until today everyone had been saying Inter gave very little away.”