Hype Standard Tricep Bar

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The Hype Standard Tricep Bar is a high quality Tricep Weight Bar. Designed to deliver maximum muscle concentration during training, enhancing performance and improving training results. Hype’s Standard Tricep Bar offers an effective way to quickly build muscle and increase strength gains. Helping to improve upper body strength and enhance muscle definition. Triceps are three-part muscles on the back of the upper arms. Strengthening this group of muscles is key for any athletes and those wishing to increasing weight lifts The Hype Standard Tricep Bar is the perfect weight lifting tool to complete Tricep exercises. Designed to increase muscle size and improve upper body strength – Great for overall fitness. Hype’s Standard Tricep Bar features a rectangular design, with two central parallel handles to provide additional grip and ensures unrestricted arm movement. Developed to minimise discomfort or damage to the arms, wrists and elbows, helping you to train for longer. Not only can Tricep Weight Bar work the Triceps, you can also use a variety of exercises to help target other parts of your upper body. Improving muscle size and increasing upper body strength.The Hype Standard Tricep Bar is suitable for gym and home use and can hold up to 200lbs. Designed to maximize upper body workouts and reduce stress on critical joints. Use the Hype Standard Tricep Bar to enhance the beneficial effects of your workout.
Suitable for use both at home or the gym.

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