“It is a very important thing to enter again in a European competition,” Torino President Urbano Cairo

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Torino FC President  Urbano Cairo giving his declarations after the decision of the Italian National Olympic Committee’s High Court of Sports Justice dismissing the appeal of Parma for the UEFA license.  As a result, Torino will be playing the Europa League which is an added reward for the good season.

Cairo saying, :  “It is a very important thing to enter again in a European competition after our extraordinary championship.  I am sorry for Parma, President Ghirardi is a friend and I can imagine  his bitterness.  They had obtained  one more point  in the field and we gave them our compliments.   Then, to go to Europa the sporting result is not enough.  From my part, I can tell that I am happy  for our fans who wanted to obtain this result so much, for the team playing a great championship, and for the coach and all the Club:  this is the cherry on our great season.”

Il Presidente Cairo: "Europa, ciliegina sulla stagione"

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Torino FC President Urbano Cairo