MILANELLO - Adel Taarabt gave an interview yesterday to Mediaset and the Milan Channel.This is what the midfielder had to say to the Italian TV channel Mediaset: "It’s a sensational feeling, it’s a dream to be here and to have scored on my debut against Napoli. It was a dream start and I only hope it’s just one of many successful moments. The best goal? I scored a few in England, but the one against Napoli was the most important because it was for Milan. I grew up watching Zidane. He scored many similar goals to the one I scored against Napoli and the comparisons please me. Coach Seedorf told me that he wanted to see me train three times before playing me but he said that he had faith in my qualities.”Taarabt continued: "I showed what I am capable of, but I’ve now got 4 months to show that I have what it takes to play for Milan. I want to stay here for a long time and after my goal the fans will be expecting performances like the one against Napoli, but I’m ready for the challenge. Where do I prefer to play? In a central position behind the striker because I have lots of energy to also help out in defence. Balotelli? I didn’t see it, but my team-mates told me that he cried. I don’t understand the reasons why but I think that he is going through a difficult time right now because his daughter is in Naples and he would have liked to have scored for her. It’s an emotional issue and we need to be close to him and show him affection as he is a top player and we need his help.”Commenting on his pre-match walk in the city of Naples with team-mate Balotelli, the Moroccan midfielder had the following to say: “Mario speaks English just like me so he is helping me a lot in the changing room. In England we had the habit of going for a walk before the match and I sent him a message to ask if he wanted to join me for a walk. Mario waited to ask for coach Seedorf’s permission, who said that it was fine to do so. We went out at the back so as to avoid being recognised. My time with Fulham? It was different to here because the game is more defensive. Against teams like Liverpool and Manchester United the coach asked us to sit back and not take too many risks in attack. However, I’m now at a club which I like and that plays with important players. We have a coach who was a number 10 and inclined to attack. I think it’s also for this reason. My debut was exciting because it was at the San Paolo and one of my heroes is Diego Maradona. To think that Maradona played on that same pitch meant a lot to me. It will be the same against Bologna at the San Siro, an incredible stadium, followed by Wednesday night’s Champions League match. It will be memorable! I think about all the times I’ve seen the Champions League on the television and all the top players. It will be my first time playing in the tournament. I will try and forget everything and think about doing my best for Milan.”These were Taarabt’s comments exclusively for the Milan Channel: "It was a great feeling before the Napoli match as it was my first game for a big club. It was my dream to play for Milan and it came true. I was also really happy because I scored a goal but sad at the same time as we lost 3-1. Napoli are a great team, but now we’re focused on Friday and then the Champions League. The goal in Naples went beyond all my expectations but luckily God was there for me and it went well. I think I had a good game but I can also do better. I only trained three times before the Napoli match. I’m here to show that I can become a top Milan player and I hope to eventually find an agreement that keeps me here for many years.”