(IN THE PHOTO: Jeremy Menez training with the group) 
CHARLOTTE – The rossoneri got straight back to work following Saturday’s match versus Liverpool which signaled the end of the Guinness International Champions Cup for Inzaghi’s players. 
The pitches of the Davidson College played host to Milan who will continue to train there for the next two sessions. 
Sunday’s training session began with a warm-up before the group started to work with the ball by doing a series of possession drills. 
This was followed by a practice match on a reduced size pitch with goalkeepers. 
Individuals: Menez took part with the rest of the group for the entire session with the exception of the practice match. 
Bonera, Rami, Abate, Saponara, El Shaarawy and Niang meanwhile did a cool-down. 
Zapata completed the whole session with the rest of the group.