MILAN – Stephan El Shaarawy spoke to both the Corriere della Sera and the Corriere dello Sport and an interview with the player will be broadcast on Sky and the Milan Channel today:
Stephan to the Corriere della Sera: "I haven’t disappeared. The spotlights around me have been switched off but I’m just injured. But wait for me, I have a great desire to get back to being a protagonist. These months off the pitch have been tough and I’ve been out for a long time now but if today’s checkup goes well, I’ll be able to start the rehabilitation. After that, I’ll get back working on the pitch. It’ll take 4-6 weeks. I’m very happy that Seedorf is coaching here. I had a great relationship with him when he was playing. He has important qualities and I’m glad I was here at Milanello the day he got back. Having said that I’m also aware that it was Allegri who gave my chance in football.”El Shaarawy also spoke to the Corriere dello Sport: "Everyone has been close to me in these last few months but especially Mario Balotelli. Often when my foot was plastered, he’d come over and say hi and that was a nice thing. He was great with me in Brazil for the Confederations Cup as well last summer as well. What happened against Napoli was nothing strange, it’s completely normal to cry when you’re 23 years old and besides he had had a very particular week. I never felt cut out from the club’s project. It’s true that there was an offer from a Russian club but I decided to stay here with Milan because that’s what I want. My intention is to become a great player here with this jersey. Now we have to get through to the next stage of the Champions League but I’m calm about it. Seedorf told me to focus on getting better. I’m confident, everyone believes in me and they’re waiting for me.”