MILAN – Here’s what players and management had to say after this afternoon’s match in Bergamo between Milan and Atalanta:RICARDO KAKA'"I’m disappointed with the result and the performance, no tour best lately. We thought we had the game in hand when we took the lead, then there was the penalty and the last minute goal. This is all a part of the game and these things happen. We need to win next Sunday for our pride and to close the season well”.STEPHAN EL SHAARAWY“The only satisfaction today is getting back on the pitch, I’m happy for that. It’s beena  tough five months. I’m happy to be playing but sad about the result. I gave everything. My objective was to do well in these last games to convince the Italian coach and with this result our chances of getting into Europe have dropped. We’ll try and do well on Sunday and then we’ll see what happens. I believe that I can get called up and I hope I can show that I’m ready. It’s been a long season and we’ve been chasing teams the whole time, but we gave our all. We’ll do what we can against Sassuolo on Sunday and I’ll be giving my all to help. We’re very disappointed but I’m happy to be back playing. I’ve been training with the group for two weeks trying to transmit positivity. We’ll try and get the three points on Sunday”.MARCO AMELIA“We had a few chances to kill the game off but then we were careless and they took the lead at the end. There’s a lot of disappointment as we were close to the win and that would have been a big one to get into the Europa League. Our destiny wasn’t completely in our hands before this match but now it’ll be very tough to get into Europe. Good results have pulled us forward in recent weeks and the derby win brought us into this match. It’s really a shame. We had the game in hand and we could have won it, then we lost at the end. We have to win on Sunday against Sassuolo to end the season well for our fans”.CLARENCE SEEDORF (PRESS CONFERENCE)"We lost after a goal from the last kick of the game. They caused us some problems in the first half but we created a lot in the as well in the first 45. I the second half we did better out wide and we were in control. The penalty changed everything. Honda didn’t contribute as much as he can but it’s not his fault. The responsibility is mine. We were expecting two in front of the defence and not three. I’ve nothing to say about Balotelli, Pazzini came on well. We’ve done well with him on the pitch as we’ve done well with him on the bench. We’ll be hoping to do well in the last match.I don’t think there’s much to say about the bananas from the stands. The players did well in continuing to play. I hope that those responsible will be found and banned from the game for life.We were aggressive at the start of the match and then they caused us problems. If you’re not on point tactically then the adversary always seems stronger. We knew that we had a tough match ahead of us and Atalanta did well against Juventus. Juve only scored very late on in that match.We needed a different balance and that’s why I took off Honda for El Shaarawy. There’s some disappointment for the loss and for how we lost. Now we have to wait and see. Our destiny wasn’t completely in our hands even before and it’s less so now”.