MILANELLO - A press conference was held today after the morning training session by Milan defender Daniele Bonera and he spoke about how training is developing under new coach Pippo Inzaghi. He said:"We are working very hard but this is the start that we need to face the season in the best of ways. Everyone is very keen and we are working really well. I know this club very well and I will do my best to help the younger players and also the new players and I will try to make my experience count for everyone. Obviously we cannot repeat a season like last year. We all know Pippo and we know that he is full of energy, just like when he used to come off the bench or when he was playing the Champions League, he was an extremely important player and now he is passing that desire and energy down to us as a coach. As a coach he is very well prepared, and from day one he knew what he wanted to achieve. The boss has made it very clear what rules we need to stick by and the preparation we are undergoing is quite intense. It is harder but the ball is always a part of training. We do the harder work towards the end of the training session so that everyone follows a specific training regime based upon what they managed in the morning."Bonera was also asked to comment on the appointment of Massimiliano Allegri as new Juventus coach. The two spent three seasons together at Milan and won a scudetto title. He said: "It was a bit of a suprise to everyone that Allegri went to Juve but I think he made a good choice and I wish him all the best. Juve are a well oiled machine but Antonio Conte definitely gave them that something extra."Inzaghi has taken a leaf out of Ancelotti's book when it comes to his approach with the players and the football he wants to play which is something that has gone down well in the dressing room."He has some very offensive ideas and I think he wants to get the team playing well again, something that has been a little missing in the last few years. I don't feel that important that I need to give Mario advice, I just think he needs to return with the right amount of desire, which I am sure he will. He will find a group that respects the rules but he is already training to be in good shape when he does come back and we will all welcome him  because he is a very important part of this squad. Pippo's training methods have been a pleasant surprise, I understood instantly that he was very well prepared. We are trying to create a group that has a strong sense of belonging, we have to be good at getting the players that come from other championships well involved, even from other cultures. The team will have a lot of time during the week to prepare the games so there can be no excuse. Even with Seedorf there was dialogue, I didn't speak so much to Allegri but there was a lot of respect and I was comfortable. Pippo, this being his first year, obviously tries to talk to the experienced players a little more."The rossoneri must put the disappointment of last season behind them and try to create something new. It will be up the players as much as the coach to prove that things can be turned around."This shirt has won a lot of trophies, we have to prove we deserve to wear it on the field of play. It is a very important moment because we must build for the new season and the desire to start again must be a part of all of us. It is a little strange to see Pippo as coach but the roles are very seperate. As a player I celebrated and suffered with Pippo. I call him 'mister' (boss) because it is important to respect different roles, we all have to understand that he is the coach now."