Garcia: Recovery starts with graft and results

Rudi Garcia spoke about the best route back to success on the pitch in his pre-match press conference. “The only way past this tricky spell is by working hard during the week and responding with three points,” began the Giallorossi coach.

Garcia then revealed which areas his side need to improve upon to go on a run: “We have to battle hard and stay together. That’ll help us to concede fewer goals and score more. We mustn’t lose our attacking ability but the statistics show we have to improve defensively.”

What did you make of the players’ meal on Wednesday night?
“That’s a very positive sign. The players decided to all go out for dinner together even in the knowledge that we’d all be staying together the following day as part of our preparations. That shows togetherness and it’s the only way to immediately start getting results again.”

Nicolas Burdisso said in an interview that occasionally it seems like the players are doing someone a favour by training in Trigoria and that there’s a lack of leadership in the side. What’s your take on that?
“It’s hard to finish runners-up in Serie A two years in a row without a proper work ethic. I read his comments on Francesco Totti and Daniele De Rossi. They’re world class and great people. There is leadership in the dressing room, end of.”

Can Gervinho last 90 minutes? And is Leandro Castan ready to play back-to-back games?
“I’m just focused on tomorrow’s match. We have to give it our all in Turin, nothing else concerns me. Gervinho is ready, as is Castan. We’re all ready apart from Maicon, who’s suspended, and the long-term absentees. We’re 100% focused on tomorrow’s game.”

How long will it be before we see Castan back to his best?
“He’s come on a lot. It’s not easy to return after a whole season on the sidelines. He’s gradually getting back to his best. You can’t judge him on his performance against Atalanta because everyone played badly. I expect the same from Leo as I do from everyone else.”

What can you tell us about the competition between De Sanctis and Szczesny?
“We’ll definitely pick someone in goal at Torino. I have complete faith in both Morgan De Sanctis and Wojciech Szczesny. We all have to be on top form to start getting results again. That’s all that matters.”

Do you plan to rest Florenzi and Digne? Do you not feel you’re a bit short on cover in the full-back area?
“I don’t think so. I’m pleased with the way Florenzi and Digne are playing. I don’t think either of them look tired. I pick the best players, the guys most likely to give me a solid performance. The other players will get their chance too. I’ll need everyone over the course of such a busy campaign. I don’t pick the players, they pick themselves through their efforts in training.”

Garcia: Recovery starts with graft and results