Montella: "First home match of the season, we want to put in a great performance"

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From the press room of the Stadio Franchi, Vincenzo Montella gave us his view on the upcoming match with Genoa.

“We want to improve by keeping faith in our way of playing. Cuadrado is available for selection; he’s enjoying himself in training and his head is in the right place.”

“Pasqual is an important player for Fiorentina and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.
I prefer having too many players at my disposition than too few, but perhaps it makes training tougher. Both managers and footballers have to get used to the situation.”

“Badelj and Kurtic have prepared excellently and are ready to play. Richards is slightly behind them, though that’s not to say that he’s not available for selection, and Bagadur is a very interesting prospect.
I feel bad for substituting Brillante so early on against Roma, but I thought he was finding it tough. Maybe I had made a mistake in setting us up like that – it happens.”

“Tomorrow’s match is very important in terms of our own self-belief. I want to see us approach the game in the right way and I hope it’s a good test for us, regardless of the result.
Ilicic, Babacar and Bernadeschi are all in good shape, but we’ll wait and see tomorrow. They certainly won’t all be playing together.”

“Will Cuadrado slot into Rossi’s position? Well, I’d like to have played them together! Thanks to his quality and characteristics, Cuadrado can play in practically any position on the pitch.”

“Once he gets one goal he’ll be up and running. In order to get the best out of him we need to ensure that he’s getting good service in the last third of the pitch. I think he’s at his most deadly with the ball at his feet, but he’s lethal in the air as well.”

“I really feel for him and just want him to concentrate on making a full recovery. Having said that, even if came back 80% the player he was, that would be more than enough for him to succeed.”

“I think we need to have a look at the bigger picture, perhaps invest in the quality of youth academy trainers in order to give young players the best possible start in the game.”

“They’re a couple of great lads and they’ve been set up to do very well. I’m hoping for a thank you from them both! Jokes aside, Genoa are a strong team with some fantastic players – they’ll make us work hard.” ]]>