Fiorentina thank Mazda Motor Italia as their partnership draws to a close

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After a collaboration lasting nearly four seasons, ACF Fiorentina and Mazda have decided to end the partnership that had linked the two organisations.

From our club’s perspective, this bond has helped to broaden the concept of sponsorship to one of genuine partnership. Since 2010, this has resulted in a sustained period of mutual growth that has allowed us to achieve important results, both on and off the pitch, through the sharing of values and ideals that transcend our common passion for sport.

Amongst many other projects, the partnership between Fiorentina and Mazda gave rise to the “Cartellino Viola” scheme, designed to promote Fair Play in football. The initiative is based on the fundamental principal that “To truly be a winner, winning alone is not enough.”  The entire project revolves around this mantra, and has allowed for the continuation of activities such as the Concorso Viola Fair and Terzo Tempo.

Fiorentina would like to thank Mazda, and in particular Wojciech Halarewicz, Andrea Fiaschetti, Roberto Pietrantonio and the entire operations team at Mazda Italia for their constant availability and for the excellent support they have provided to the common cause throughout our partnership. We would also like to wish Mazda every success in the future.

Florence, 22 September 2014