< ![CDATA[MILAN – Antonella Costa, organising manager of the Milan youth sector, spoke to the Milano&Lombardia section of the Gazzetta dello Sport. Concerning the club’s position on social media, she had this to say, “We ask all the coaches to avoid publishing photos of the young players. They can only share the official photos, posted directly on the club’s official social sites. Last season we conducted a campaign for awareness of cyberbullying. This year we aim to continue to analyse the situation of respect towards the person. The young player must understand his photo must be published in the correct context. Nobody must sell themselves cheap: identity has a value.” She also touched on other topics, "It’s important to respect teammates and the environment they share together. We ask them not to wear the official clothes, perhaps with jeans or a t-shirt, outside of official activity. We are working hard on the players’ diet with a nutritionist, who is in touch with the families. The idea is to help the children grow up with the sport and all that surrounds it. School is another fundamental question. We have a file of all the players’ school test marks, which we analyse, and the parents play an important role in this. We wrote to President Tavecchio asking him if the Italian football federation was also active respecting the right to study, seeing as the players on international duty at times go entire weeks without school – they need a tutor to follow them around.” ]]>