MILAN – Cristian Brocchi spoke exclusively to the Milan Channel in the wake of his side’s 4-1 victory at home to Como earlier today. These were the Primavera coach’s thoughts:

“The results are taken into account afterwards. I have to focus on the development of my players in this moment and their attitude. I am happy with it and I am certain there is more room for improvement. I hope we can achieve this match by match.

“Today there were certainly more average performances compared to other games. Having said that, I try to put myself in the players’ shoes. It’s not always easy to maintain a high level of concentration for the entire match. Today we faced a side that got everyone behind the ball. But as I have said, we aim to find the breakthrough and score in a precise manner. It’s a lot harder, but it is better for their development. My role asks them to give their best in every match situation.

“Vassallo? We have missed him a great deal this season and the same applies to Vido. Felicioli had a great game today and of the same level as previous ones. People forget when it comes to our team that we have a lot of players who are under age. We’re Milan and we have to always win, but it is also right to highlight this. This is an important aspect and sometimes praise should be given to the lads that always give their all and try to overcome the gap in terms of physicality and age through a positive attitude and by playing with a clear playing-style.”