MILAN – The victory over Fiorentina in the last round has given the team a confidence boost going into the upcoming matches in Serie A and the TIM Cup says Gigi Donnarumma in an exclusive interview to the Milan Channel.

Opening comments from the talented teenage shot-stopper: “The win against Fiorentina was a morale booster and has given us a lot of confidence. We needed it and we now have more self-confidence going into the upcoming matches. The entire team played well and defended well. When you play in goal, you can never lower your guard. Even if you don’t make many saves, you always need to be on the top of your game and think about the next one. My team-mates have never taken any notice of my age and I try to instil confidence and talk to the defence which is what you would expect. This weekend’s match with Empoli is very important both for consistency and our confidence. It won’t be easy, there are no easy games in Italy, but we are going there to try and get a positive result because we’re Milan. Next weekend will be my first derby, I cannot deny that I am thinking about it, but before then we have to focus on Empoli and then Alessandria in the cup.”

Donnarumma is grateful to all those who have helped him rise to Serie A stardom, including fellow goalie Christian Abbiati: “I have a great relationship with Abbiati. He gives me advice on a daily basis, he helps me a lot and I can only thank him for everything that he is doing for me. When helping me, he has also been hard on me, and that is only right and I am fine with that. At the start of every game he tells me to stay calm and do what we work on in training. Even Diego Lopez, with all of his experience, has given me a lot of tips and so has the goalkeeping coach Magni. Everyday he tries to help me on specific areas of my game and it’s only right that he is very demanding. I also have to thank the coach. Sinisa Mihajlovic has been a key figure for me, he jokes around a lot with me, and I have a wonderful relationship with him. Livieri and Plizzari are ones to watch, and we all train together every day, and Diego and Christian also give them a hand too.”