(IN THE PHOTO: Clarence Seedorf in today’s press conference)MILANELLO -  Clarence Seedorf ahead of tomorrow evening’s match against Lazio at the Stadio Olimpico.
“Before I begin, I’d like to say that I read certain things written about the delicate situation regarding the memory of Gabriele Sandri and I want to clarify, especially with the fans and family. My decision not to wear a black armband was due to the fact that we didn’t know what was happening. There was never any lack of respect on my part. There was no gesture against anyone and I wanted to apologize to the Sandri family.
“It’s been great to have a full week for us to train, we’ve reacted well and we’ve worked positively. There was a reaction and we hope to show that on the pitch on Sunday. We have to work on the fundamentals to get results, basically winning or at least a positive result through a good performance. We have to play well as at team united and with intensity. That’s the only way we’ll get a result, knowing who we’re facing. Lazio are a good team with important players”.“There are no problems with the club. Until the club tells me otherwise, I’ll be right here. I’m very motivated and the team will do better, results will improve. That’s in the interests of everyone and we’ll do everything to make it happen. Some things were reported in the wrong manner. As a aplyer and even more so as a coach, I’ve never been one to criticize teams or team mates. I said other things but never those. The meeting yesterday with Galliani was my initiative. It was very constructive and I asked him to stay close to me. From a certain point of view, I’m lacking in experience and I’m happy that the club’s CEO is next to me and that the club are behind me as well.
“I always give 100% I what I’m doing and we can build something important here. I know that the work I’m doing now will bear fruit. I’m disappointed with some of the things that have come out but I’m focused on my job and I definitely won’t give in. I think I’m looking critically ant how things can improve and some improvement shave taken place. In the end though, it’s all about results, right or wrong. A lot has been said and written about my position but my choices have been clear. I’m convinced we can play a good game”. “Tactically the team has changed but it’s the results that count and if we keep losing, than that’s all that people will talk about. The dressing room is with me 100% and I see that every day with the commitment and the desire that they show. Perception is not reality and I’m responsible for the team’s results since I’ve arrived. We’ve had a week’s training and we’ve worked well. A month ago, we decided that the best thjing to do ahead of the Fiorentina match would be to prepare in Rome.
"I definitely don’t regret my decision to stop playing. I thought long and hard about this before accepting and I’m happy with that I did in Brazil. If people write personal things about me it’s a different story, but in terms of the game, criticism is accepted. People are intelligent and they know what’s true and what’s not. My objective now is a competitive team capable of winning games. Even with 10 players on the pitch, we’ve always tried to win and that’s why we lost in the end. There’s willingness and I’m happy with that. The mentality here has changed and that’s cause for hope.
“Honda is free to move when we push forward and he did very well against Sampdoria. He could play in that role in the future but it’s a position that we have options in. We’ve chopped and changed at the back as that’s what we had to do. Bonera has had problems and Zapata is out for a month. Rami also had problems against Udinese. Teams don’t usually change those two players often but like I said these were choices born out of necessity. When you’re defending, a 4-2-3-1 turns into a 4-4-2 but it’s not a question of formation. I always ask Balotelli to stay in the penalty area. I have no doubt about President Berlusconi’s position. He’s made his presence felt to me and I’m happy about that. I don’t know if the low numbers at the stadium are because of the results, there’s also a lack of money at the moment. Even in Brazil, numbers were low”. “All games can represent a turning point. If we had won against Juventus, we wouldn’t even be talking like this. I know how the world works and we have to look for results with courage and determination. My relationship with Adriano Galliani goes back 12 years. His experience is important. We get on well and there’s mutual respect. When I took on this job I requested that he be close to me. There are no separations or conflicts of interest with any part of the club."