< ![CDATA[MILAN - Three dasys after his debut on the Milan bench in Serie A, Filippo Inzaghi also made his debut at the Uefa Elite Coaches in Nyon, near Geneva. The rossoneri coach spoke about football, situations during a game and of training methods in front of all the other coaches, demonstrating his preparation. Inzaghi met and spoke to his former coach Carlo Ancelotti for the whole journey on the coach. The Forum is an important moment when all the coaches from all the top teams in Europe have the chance to meet and talk to one-another without the pressure of match day. Tomorrow Inzaghi and all the other coaches will meet Pierluigi Collina, head of the refereeing sector at Uefa, to talk about referees. In the morning he will give an interview to the official Uefa channel and then at midday he will take part in the meeting along with the international press.]]>