The new car-sharing initiative TWIST - Transport With Innovative Sustainable Technology – in free floating (which means there is no obligation to bring the vehicle back to the place where it was collected) will be launched today. A brand new smartphone app is also available and will be making it even more accessible across the whole of the city of Milan from the month of May.Thanks to the contribution of TWIST, the Milan Foundation can continue with its “Scuola Bottega” scheme that uses sport to help children from underprivileged backgrounds and neighbourhoods to begin studying again or a training course with a view to starting work.TWIST is a group made up of Twist srl and Frigerio Viaggi, a company active for many years in the travel sector.Future users of the initiative will be able to drive the city-car Volkswagen UP! 1000: 4 seats, 5 doors, automatic transmission, Safety Pack, Move Up settings, class E, minimal in size but maximum comfort. Compact and versatile, functional but with style, suitable for all the family or for those who move about on their own and those hectic days in the city, the UP! By TWIST doesn’t pass unobserved. It’s recognisable by its distinctive blue colour and clearly visible “S”. The letter S for “super car sharing” but above all the letter S for “sustainability”: less emissions and more environmentally friendly thanks to an innovative software and a patented product by Twist srl. These are the principles behind the project launched by a team from Milan whose main thoughts were for those in the city where space, accessibility and usability of public transport are key issues. The heart and mind behind this is Alessandra Guaitamacchi, 32 years of age and clear in her ideas.Guaitamacchi has a distinguished academic record studying Business Economics and obtaining a Masters in Corporate Finance which was followed by a series of work experiences. This includes a job as a collaborator in a consultancy firm in the Automotive sector which lay the foundations for her current role as Managing Director in a growing marketing and communications company and her latest project: a car sharing service that offers top of the range vehicles at an affordable 27 cents per minute. This includes insurance, maintenance, fuel, parking Area C. This vision also included maximum flexibility thanks to the use of the smartphone app which lets clients locate the nearest possible vehicle, allows them to collect the car without even making a booking and without time limits in handing back the vehicle.After a promotional period, membership will be offered at the price 15€. 80 vehicles will be on hand from May to then pass to 250 by June and eventually 500 in September. The estimates are to reach between 70-80.000 people subscribed to the initiative by the end of 2014. It doesn’t end there and Alessandra Guaitamacchi has added that the aim is to offer the service across the whole of Italy.First gear is engaged, this project is ready to go.