MILAN – In occasion of RAI’s 25th Telethon, set to be broadcast from the 8th through to the 14th of December, the televised fund-raising event in Italy will be turning to the web and social networks to increase awareness.

In fact, a team of top digital partners have been called upon to promote the event and reach as many people as possible and help achieve the aims of Telethon’s #ognigiorno campaign.

Amazon, Facebook, Google, Groupon, IgersItalia and Twitter have launched initiatives to engage the public and increase the visibility of Telethon during the days in which the TV marathon broadcasts its shows as well as the days before and after. Through the social network sites, friends or guests of the Telethon will have the chance to interact with the millions of TV viewers watching as well as via smartphone and tablet.

Amazon is the chosen partner for online purchases to help raise funds for Telethon. For the whole of December, and with Christmas in mind, plenty of promotional gifts will be available to help the cause. To see more, please visit here: Telethon will also be advertised through a banner on the homepage, other sections of the website and social networks.

Facebook will be playing its part and increasing visibility of Telethon and also of the TV shows set to be broadcast.

Telethon is also signing up to “GoogleADGrants”, which gives non-profit groups and charities the chance to advertise and increase its campaign visibility, also for the entire year 2015. This is also done thanks to free credits for public advertisement in the search and display on the renowned search engine. Telethon will also be seeking to make use of the social advantages of Google+, allowing all users to stay up to date:

Groupon will be raising funds for Telethon thanks to the support of some important partners like Caffarel, Lisciani, Artemitadre, Sofidel, Bassettie Zucchi and all the other companies that are supporting the cause. For every coupon purchased online until the 7th of January-­-per-­-natale –Groupon and the other companies will make a contribution to Telethon.

The IgersItalia association has decided to use Instagram for its imitative which is called “10.000 photos for 10.000 euro”. Following 10.000 photos being posted on Instagram with the hashtag #ognigiorno between the 8th of December and the 14th of December, Telethon will receive a contribution of 10.000 euros from by Caffarel, a leader in the confectionery industry.

Twitter will be using its immense potential to increase real time interaction, by launching the Twitter Mirror: the guests of the Telethon will interact live with their followers with personalised messages and selfies with the account @telehonitalia during the Charity Show to be shown prime time on Rai Uno on the 12th of December and presented by Fabrizio Frizzi, Flavio Insinna and Massimo Giletti, as well as during the special edition of “Affari Tuoi” on Sunday the 14th of December with Flavio Insinna and Nino Frassica. In addition, Twitter is also planning a specific campaign for Telethon in favour of funds for scientific research into rare genetic diseases.

To reiterate, the initiatives by the digital partners of Telethon will be carried out before during and after the event to show the level of commitment to the cause #ognigiorno.

The Telethon Foundation is a leading Italian biomedical charity, founded in 1990 by a group of patients with muscular dystrophy. Its mission is to find cures to rare genetic diseases through scientific research of excellence, selected according to the best international practices.

Through a unique approach in Italy, the charity follows the entire research chain from the fundraising, the selecting and financing of projects and activities carried out in the same research centers and laboratories belonging to the charity.

Telethon also develops partnerships with institutions and public health and pharmaceutical industries to translate research results into therapies available to patients.

Since its foundation, it has invested over 420 million euros in research,  funded 2.532 projects involving 1.547 researchers involved and studied 450 illnesses. Thanks to Telethon, therapies for rare diseases previously considered incurable have been found (ADA – SCID, metachromatic leukodystrophy and Wiskott Aldrich). The results of the studies confirm, year after year, the overall progress of the Telethon’s research towards the application of new therapies.

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