Stephan El Shaarawy has been speaking about his recovering from his foot injury.

The striker said: “Thankfully the foot is getting better with each passing day but I have to wait another few weeks to get the plaster off. Then I will begin my rehabilitation. For now I have only been able to do some work-outs for my upper body in the gym. Things are better. This tough period is passing and I feel a lot more relaxed and calm. My only thought is that my foot get better. The injury was not as serious as the previous ones so it needs less time to heal. It is not an easy period for us as it was last year . What we need to do is stick together and we need to remain united as a team. We know that we are a strong side and all we need to be is more convincing. We just have to understand that we are a good side and hopefully we can get back to winning ways in the next match even though it will not be that easy. We just have to keep taking one game at a time because there are no easy matches. A month ago were considered to be title challengers or least a top three side for the Champions League, now we thought of side down in the lower part of the table but we just have to keep looking to do well in each match.”