(IN THE PHOTO: Seedorf gives instructions to Kakà)MILAN – Here is an extract from an interesting interview published today in the Italian sports daily Gazzetta dello Sport between coach Clarence Seedorf and Director of the paper Andrea Monti:"The players need to find their former conviction again. For this reason, I changed the rhythm and training habits. I want them to play, to laugh and to have fun. In the tactical sessions I don’t focus too much on the errors. I show them above all what they’ve done well. If it was only for 10 minutes? Great, that can lead to 20 minutes, then 30 and eventually a whole match. You need to start from what works. In the modern game, fixed systems only really exist in the defensive phase. In the attacking phase, there is total fluidity, 6 players constantly on the move, in harmony, without fixed reference points.”Ricardo Kakà added to the positive feel around the club by saying: "I believe Milan can get into Europe. The things that are happening since Seedorf arrived are great, things are changing. We play good matches and the results are finally coming. If the results come, you’ll see that we’ll also get into Europe.”