(IN THE PHOTO: Clarence Seedorf during the press conference)
MILANELLO – Here’s what Seedorf had to say in yesterday's pre-match press conference:
“I’m not responsible for what was, I’m here to improve on what there is. I’m doing my best and I’m quite sure that for the next season, the club and I will do what we can to build strong side, competitive from the start of the season. I came here to end the season as best I can but most of all to plan for the future. I’m optimistic and with work the results will come. We have the quality to get a good run of results together. It’s a work in progress and we’ll continue with enthusiasm and commitment”.
"We tried as best we could to get through to the next round in the Champions League. We showed in the first leg that we deserved a different result but that’s not the way it went, Atletico deserved the win in Madrid, we tried to make it happen but we couldn’t. Now we turn the page on that, we’re getting back to action in the league with a very precise objective, the club have been very clear about this, we have to get into European football as this club has always done, that’s what we’ll be aiming for with all of our strength and giving 100% commitment. Football couldn’t be what it is without the fans and so we have to listen to hem and try to understand. Even when we’ve lost the fans have been behind us as they could see the commitment so I’m not too worried. Milan’s fans make the cub and they’ll be behind us”.
"All the players, Balotelli included, have to take to the pitch to help each other and we’re all working on getting the most from this match giving 100%. To harvest, you have to plant. We've already shown improvements on the pitch. Balotelli will start tomorrow. I have a lot of time for Pazzini but we have two centre forwards and I've already explained my thinking regarding this. The problems we have will be solved by winning games, we have to play like we did against Juventus".
As far as the future goes, Galliani will do all he can to make a club worthy of wearing this jersey and of our fans. I have a lot of belief in these players and I’m sure the results will come with time. We’re lacking a bit of confidence at the moment but we can get out of this by sticking together”.