< ![CDATA[MILAN - Former Milan great Dejan Savicevic spoke exclusively to Milan Channel just a short while ago and this is what he had to say. "I am doing pretty well, we won our first match of the 2016 Euro Championships qualifiers. When I stopped playing I wanted to dedicate my time to football in Montenegro and I became the President of the Montenegro Football Federation. Hopefully we can finish third and go into the play-offs for Euro 2016. I saw the birthday wishes that the Milan fans sent me, it seems I did well enough when I was at Milan... The back-heel goal scored by Menez at Parma is the touch of a quality player. At Roma and at PSG he did well and now he is showing that he is a class footballer but that is no surprise because I expect that from a player like him. Milan did well to sign him. Stephan El Shaarawy had some injury problems last season and that has slowed down his progress at Milan but he is the future of the club and I hope that the club can wait for him and we will see him score like two years ago. I saw Inzaghi do really well with the youth teams and now he has started very well for the first team. Everyone is watching him. Milan has doen well in the past with a strong defence and in Italy the team that wins the league is the team that concedes the least amount of goals. The rossonero attack will score lots of goals and if they have a well balanced defence then good results will come their way. It will be an interesting championship. It will be a very tough game at the San Siro on Saturday, I don't think they will open up much, both teams will wait for a mistake from their opponents. I hope that Milan, with the help of their fans, can do a little better. Juve have won three scudetto titles, Milan must have more hunger and that could make a difference. The President's presence is very important because when he speaks he motivates you to play better, to have more confidence in yourself, he knows how to manage a team which is why I am certain that with him closer to the team they will be able to do better than in previous years."]]>