PAOLO BERLUSCONI TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “Let’s dedicate a prayer to Claudio Lippi”

< ![CDATA[MILAN – Milan Vice-President Paolo Berlusconi spoke exclusively to the Milan Channel shortly after kick-off in the second edition of the Vintage Derby dedicated to the memory of former Milan Channel journalist Claudio Lippi. This is what he had to say: "The minute of silence is a way to remember him, to celebrate him. It’s right that each one of us dedicates a prayer to Claudio. It’s wonderful to see all these people, especially little Sofia. Claudio was part of the Milan Channel and AC Milan family. We’re definitely a club that has more respect towards the players and fans. Otherwise there wouldn’t be an explanation as to why many of our players go onto become coaches. We create a great friendship and understanding with the people we work with. Milan is different to other cities. We like to make fun, but it’s also good to be united. We’re good people us Milanese."]]>