(IN THE PHOTO: the players during training yesterday)MILANELLO – The squad will train again today at 15.00 at the Milanello Sports Centre.Yesterday meanwhile the players got back to work with an afternoon training session after being granted a day of rest on Sunday. After an initial warm-up, the squad took part in a series of possession drills on the synthetic pitch. This was then followed by a jog for the entire group.The training session was heavily focused around the use of the ball and the players worked on possession throughout. This included a maximum three touch possession drill as well as drills with the cones and obstacles.Individuals: Muntari trained with the group. The goalkeepers trained alone. Pazzini and Birsa worked on their personalised training programs in the gym. Zapata continued to work his way back to full fitness in the gym before doing some jogging on the raised pitch at Milanello. Silvestre also continued to receive treatment in the gym for his injury before doing some passing outside on the pitch.The squad finished by playing a 5 v 5 practice match with goalkeepers and practicing penalty kicks.