MILAN – A look at the history of Milan-Torino, ex-players between the two sides and the episodes that have stayed in history:MILAN-TORINO, THE LAST FIVE MATCHES PLAYED IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE SEASON:2012/2013: Milan-Torino 1-0. Round 35.2008/2009: Milan-Torino 5-1. Round 32.2001/2002: Milan-Torino 2-1. Round 27.1994/1995: Milan-Torino 5-1. Round 28.1990/1991: Milan-Torino 1-0. Round 27.EX-PLAYERS BETWEEN MILAN AND TORINO:Milan: Valter Birsa (Torino for the 2012/2013 season), Fernando Coppola (Torino 2011/2012 and then from January to June 2013), Ignazio Abate (Torino 2008-09), Christian Abbiati (Torino 2006-07).Torino: Matteo Darmian (Milan Youth Sector player at the club until 2009)Players who have worn both jerseys include Cesare Maldini (Milan from 1954-55 to 1965-66, Torino for the  1966-67 season), Gianluigi Lentini (Torino from 1986-87 to 1987-88 and from 1989-90 to 1991-92, Milan from 1992-93 to 1995-96, Torino from 1997-98 to 1999-00), Diego Fuser (Torino from 1986-87 to 1988-89 and the 2003-04 season, Milan from 1989-90 to 1991-92), Giovanni Galli (Milan from 1986-87 to 1989-90, Torino for the 1993-94 season).HISTORIC EPISODE: Milan-Torino 5-1. 2008/2009. Round 32. A hat-trick from Pippo Inzaghi opened the way for the win with Kakà and Ambrosini finishing up the scoring. Ivan Franceschini scored for Torino.MILAN’S LAST FIVE HOME MATCHES IN SERIE A:2013/14. Milan-Hellas Verona 1-02013/14. Milan-Atalanta 3-02013/14. Milan-Roma 2-22013/14. Milan-Genoa 1-12013/14. Milan-Fiorentina 0-2TORINO’S LAST FIVE AWAY MATCHES IN SERIE A:2013/14. Sassuolo-Torino 0-22013/14. Parma-Torino 3-12013/14. Udinese-Torino 0-22013/14. Genoa-Torino 1-12013/14. Cagliari-Torino 2-1