MILAN-JUVENTUS, MAX ALLEGRI: “Big respect for Milan”

< ![CDATA[MILAN – Here is an extract of what Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri had to say during his pre-match press conference earlier today as indicated by the official Juventus website: "For me it won’t be a match like the others. I’m not a machine and if I said the opposite I wouldn’t be human. I spent three and a half splendid years at Milan, that by now are in my past, but it’s obvious that after a long time some relationships are still alive. My rapport with Galliani has always been excellent and the same goes for the President and for whoever worked at Milan. It will be an evening full of emotions and it’s normal. Inzaghi has been good at bringing the enthusiasm back to a club that in the last 6 months has had its difficulties. At this moment, we have to prepare for a side that in addition to having good qualities, has a desire for revenge and to show that it can fight for the top three places. It will be an important match for them tomorrow.  Inzaghi and I have two different histories on a professional level. He was a great champion and won everything, my career as a footballer cannot be compared to his. As a coach I started with the smaller sides and luckily with good results. He’s at Milan straight away which is practically his home and I wish him all the luck in the world, but maybe the day after tomorrow because I would like to win tomorrow….Us the favourites? You can never say this for these matches. Playing at the San Siro isn’t easy for anybody. We know we’re strong, but we have to have big respect for Milan."]]>