MILAN – Here is the President’s interview to the Milan Channel on the day that he celebrates 30 years as Milan owner:

“Taking ownership of the club was a big responsibility towards my father and the club’s history. Coming here today to Milanello reminded me of my first visit here. I wanted to make plans so I could leave my mark over the years. After the first season with a coach that I did not choose, I found Arrigo Sacchi and we took the decision to appoint him as our coach. We had to win Serie A, the year after the European Cup and the Intercontinental Cup the year after that. We then became the most decorated club in the world. 5 victories from 8 European Cup finals. I have tried to be the most successful President. My life has been one of an entrepreneur and a politician, but Milan has a special place in my heart.
I have spoken to the coach and the players. The situation is complicated. Napoli have lost two away matches, one of which was undeserved at Juventus. They need to get back on track. If they win, they go back to the top of the table. They will be looking to get their fans back on side, who are charged up and extraordinary. Milan have been unlucky. We need to play with a lot of motivation. I have tried to spur them on by talking to them and now it is down to the coach to have his say.
Milan has a duty, an obligation to be one of the leading teams in world football. To manage that, we have to compete with clubs that are owned by people with infinite financial resources, almost all of it from oil. For this reason, Milan feels the need to find partnerships. We have been talking for a while with Mr. Bee who has the idea of commercialising the Milan brand in China where we have many fans. It’s important for us to have this increase in capital so we can have the chance to invest in the type of stars needed to be competitive.
Milan have to be competitive on the world stage. We want to start a new winning cycle with a team of young players, who will be the core of the team for many years such as Donnarumma, De Sciglio, Locatelli. Up front we have a top-class Italian player called Bonaventura who is a predestined no. 10. We have to buy two forwards, one could be Balotelli, if he were to wise-up. The other is still to be found.
I would like to say to all Milan fans that all of us, as my father used to say, have Milan in our hearts. Football is a metaphor for life, Milan are the example of these lads that take to the pitch and have to dominate opponents and the game, win and convince others, with passion, entertaining football and fairness. I believe Milan can be an important school and it has to be an important source from which all of us can learn from and with which we can be happy and peaceful.”