MILAN-FUJITSU, MARCO AMELIA: “The changing room is united”

MILAN – Marco Amelia spoke at the margin of the Milan-Fujitsu event at Rho Fiera this afternoon:"We’re in a bit of a crisis and results are hard to come by. On the other hand, this is a club that’s used to challenging for big things so when the objectives change, it’s normal that this happens, but we have to get out of this situation, roll up our sleeves and think about what we have to do to get back winning and return to the club’s philosophy which is to stay in the top reaches of the table, to play to win in any competition.We tried what we could against Parma but after the first couple of minutes we were already in trouble. We reacted well but we were a bit nervous and in the end we lost. That’s something that we need to put a stop to, starting with the next two games. We have to show that we have something more than we’ve shown in the last couple of matches.We’re not here to judge the work being done by a great professional like Clarence Seedorf who we all know very well. Now we just need to keep on pushing forward an play each game to win like this club has always done.I want to say today that there isn’t even a single crack in the changing room. If there was, there would be fights, there would be big news, terrible things and that’s not Milan. The atmosphere at the Milanello sports centre is one of a united team working together. We’re all together in this situation and we’re working to get out of it.We have to go there and try not to think about who it is that we’re playing against. At the moment we just have to think about ourselves and what it is that we’re doing and what we have to do. Technically I think that this is a good team but psychologically we’re suffering at the moment, but we have solid values".