MASTALLI TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “Unique feeling training with the First Team.”

MILAN – Alessandro Mastalli has spoken to the Milan Channel. The rossoneri youngster has recently been training with the First Team. This is what he had to say about it:

“Training with the First Team is always great and also important because you work in a complete manner. To train with top players is a unique feeling. I have developed a lot, especially in terms of fitness, because you train hard in the First Team, let’s hope I can continue like this. When you are named it means they are interested and you have a chance. It’s been a dream to make my debut since I was a child, if it happens, I will be delighted. My relationship with the First Team players has changed a bit compared to the start of the season. Before I was a bit shy, whereas now we’re closer and they help me even more than they did before.”