“KEEP OUR HEADS UP” AC Milan after losing against Fiorentina


Post-match reaction from Fiorentina-Milan.

(IN THE PHOTO: Mihajlovic watches on from the dugout) 

MILAN – This is what was said by the coach Sinisa Mihajlovic and Mattia De Sciglio after Milan’s Serie A match versus Fiorentina at the Franchi which ended 2-0 in favour of the Tuscan outfit.

SINISA MIHAJLOVIC (post-match press conference)

Opening comments: “The match was lost in midfield. It was an even match for the first 35 minutes, with a goal scoring chance each, and then it was difficult in 10 men. They kept possession well and deserved to win. However there is no need to panic and we mustn’t bring ourselves down. We have our strengths and we will try and win our next match. I would have liked this match to have been 11 v 11, but credit  must also go to our opponents if we played the match with one man less. We will move on and try and improve.”

The coach added: “We didn’t pass the ball around enough, there were lots of errors and we weren’t purposeful enough. I don’t focus on the age of a player, but rather their abilities. If I choose Romagnoli and Ely, it is because they deserve it. I showed faith in Ely and Romagnoli as they deserve it and because I see them train every day. I don’t judge a player on one match alone. Perhaps at the start a young player can have a few problems, but then in the long term he can become better than a more senior player.”

On the transfer market: “We know where we need to intervene. We will see what we can do. We struggled during the match in midfield, but it’s not a definite that we have to change something in this area. We have clear ideas with what we need to do and there’s no need to elaborate. We knew what Fiorentina were capable of, but like I said up until the 35th minute we could have and should have done better. Up until that moment both sides had a chance each and then we were sent down to 10 men. No one is happy about having lost. Football is only beautiful  when you win. There is room for improvement and let’s keep on working to make sure we improve.”

Sinisa Mihajlovic also spoke to the Milan Channel. Here were his thoughts on the loss to Fiorentina: “It was an even affair in the opening 35 minutes, but we didn’t do well like I was expecting and we deserved to lose. There are lots of aspects for us to work on and there is still a long way to go. There is no need to start getting panicky though. I am disappointed about losing because I wanted to come away from Florence with a win. However, let’s stay calm, work harder and prepare well for the next match. I can only judge the first 35 minutes of the match and after that it was all uphill for us. The match I think was lost in midfield. Let’s try and get back on track right away.” 

“We didn’t create enough to put Fiorentina in difficulty and we weren’t able to carry out what we had worked on in the build-up to the match. It’s a step back compared to the Perugia match. We have to do better and also with our marking and stopping our opponents breaking forward on the counter attack. The match has shown us that we still have to keep on working hard. It’s a defeat that leaves us feeling disappointed, but the season is long and we have to keep on going without losing the confidence that we have built up until now. I had lots of difficulties especially last season, but they have helped me to develop. I’ve started this season focused on working hard and without dwelling on the past. I want to train hard and do well in each match. Tonight has to spur us on and give us extra motivation to do well in the next match.”



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