< ![CDATA[MILAN- Before his pre-match press conference, Filippo Inzaghi spoke exclusively to the Milan Channel. This is what the Italian coach had to say to the club’s in-house TV channel:These were his opening comments: “Luckily we’ve got lots of players back, even if they missed out on the odd training session. Only Montolivo is out injured and I am spoilt for choice. I will have to evaluate lots of factors. Let’s hope we play a great match. Verona hasn’t been a lucky place for Milan in the past. We will have to give it our all.”On a famous win away to Hellas Verona in 2002 which featured Inzaghi: “Without that win, we wouldn’t have qualified for the Champions League. I remember my goal and Pirlo’s in that match, so it has also been lucky. The atmosphere will help them tomorrow and it will be an important match for us. We have to give continuity to our progress. However, we’ve worked well and I am calm.”On De Jong’s suspension and absence tomorrow: “We have to be able to deal with all losses. Up until now we’ve done well without Montolivo. Essien will play in place of De Jong. He’s trained well and is a great professional. I hope that he’s able to do well.”On El Shaarawy: “I heard his interview yesterday. The club and I are calm. Everyone gets angry if they’re not picked, I wouldn’t expect anything else. If he plays from the start he will show his value and if he comes off the bench he will do well like he did against Chievo. We’re motivated and calm. There’s a good atmosphere and the visit of the President always charges us up.”This is what Inzaghi had to say about the President: “I am happy about the President’s respect. I noted that the President was very happy. It’s down to us to make him happy and also the fans. Seeing him content gives us hope and we want to give him good results and play attractive football. This is part of the Milan DNA.”On Sunday’s opponents: “Verona have improved compared to last year. They’ve got Marquez and want to play a higher class of football. We have to be careful. We’ve studied certain situations well, but we know it will take a top performance. Against Roma they came close to taking the lead. They will play an open match and they can put us in difficulty. We’re ready and we’ve prepared the match in the best way. The answers will come out on the pitch.”Inzaghi continued: “I will have to think about Menez, Bonaventura and Diego Lopez. Menez was back yesterday with us. I haven’t yet decided whether they will start. The important thing is to have them available. Tomorrow morning I will make a decision.”On Torres: “He’s worked well for 2 weeks. He’s fine. He’s shaken off all the problems with his ankle. I have 7 players upfront to choose from. I’m spoilt for choice. He’s fully fit and he can give us a hand.”A final word about his former Italy team-mate Luca Toni: “He will be a tricky opponent. I read what he said earlier this week. I’m happy he’s still doing well. I wish him luck because he’s a friend, but I hope tomorrow he’s quiet!”]]>