AC MILAN, GALLIANI: “We will fight for third place until the very end.”

MILAN – Joint-CEO Adriano Galliani has reflected on the Rossoneri’s performance against Udinese over the weekend in an interview with Radio Onda Libera: “It’s a shame we drew yesterday. We missed a great chance to close the gap to the other teams battling for third place, but there is still a long way to go this season. The team are in good shape. We didn’t play very well in the first half but we did well after the break. I think the first two spots in the table are between Juventus and Napoli, even if I am still unsure in what order. As for third place, there are four of us but we are currently behind the others. But we will try right until the end.”

Galliani also took the time to pay tribute to football agent and Milan consultant Ernesto Bronzetti who sadly passed away last week: “He was a fantastic person, a friend and a connoisseur of the game. He had this ability to be liked by everyone, this was one of his great qualities, along with his immense knowledge of the game and the ease with which he was able to relate with everyone. I remember a lot of transfer negotiations. One of these was a really long one in 2002 for the transfer of 4 players to Atletico Madrid: Albertini, Josè Mari, Javi Moreno and Contra. I started to get to know him in 1983 when we floated the idea of a swap deal between Monza and Cavese, Mitri from Monza to Cavese and Stanzione from Cavese to Monza. A friendship was born from then and when I became CEO of Milan in 1986, he became our man for Spain. He was sent in 1994 for the first time to Espanyol to sell one of our players, Raducioiu, and later for others. He was involved in deals for Redondo in 2000, Rivaldo in 2002 and then Ronaldo, O Fenômeno. I could name many more right the way through to Rami from Valencia. The last transfer involving Ernesto was for Honda. I don’t want to offend anyone, but I haven’t come across anyone else with his personal qualities in the transfer market sector.”