MILAN – The head of the AC Milan Youth sector Filippo Galli spoke exclusively to the Milan Channel about the Viarregio Cup:

“No alibis for the Primavera. They displayed a purposeful and important type of football, which was not rewarded by the results. I believe that our players have to dominate and take control of the match. There are difficulties with this, but this has to be done especially at youth level. We paid dearly, but we have to grow as a movement. We’re not regretful about being eliminated. Even against Palermo yesterday we played well. We cannot put the referee in a position to make a mistake, but we then continued to play even in 10 men. Everything was complicated after Donnarumma was sent-off. We believe it was an important experience, displays better than others, but we’re out. We’ve gained experience.
I am angry with the ’98 youth team. Yesterday they informed me about a training session in which they lacked enthusiasm. I am disappointed because the Milan Model means training in the right manner. Let’s hope they sort themselves out. They make sacrifices there is no doubt about it, but they are not to be seen as treated favourably.”